About Us

  • people Who are we?

    We started as a small, friendly target archery club in Bognor Regis in 1985 and have become one of the largest in Sussex. Our members range from beginners to the very experienced. We have a very enthusiastic team of juniors who are ageing rapidly and always on the lookout for new team mates. The seniors, who are ageing in a more sedately manner would be delighted to welcome new members to join them. Archery is an all inclusive sport regardless of age or ability and is ideal for families to shoot together. We have vehicular access for motobility impaired archers at our outdoor ground and our indoor venue.

  • check What we offer

    From beginners courses, to start you off in the very addictive world of archery, courses to give an insight into the workings and setting up of your equipment and how to get the best from it, to coaching with the offer of help and advice when needed. We have teams for most bow disciplines and frequently compete as a club at regional level. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate crossbows, poppinjay, field and clout archery as our ground is a school playing field.

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    We shoot bows from nearly all disciplines including recurves, compounds, longbows, barebow, traditional bows, flatbows, and for fun we have a 'toy crossbow' tournament to start the winter season! There are many archers from each discipline who are available for guidance and advice, please feel free to ask.

  • lock Safeguarding

    We take pride in making sure you are safe, following guidance from Archery GB. For more information click here.

Summer Venue

Summer field

Our summer ground is behind The Inspire Leisure Centre, Felpham.

Winter Venue

Winter indoor range

Our winter ground is at the Westbourne House School on a Sunday morning.

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